Micro Weddings in SWFL

Micro Weddings in SWFL. It’s no secret that we have had the honor to be part of so many amazing weddings in SWFL. Being in a destination event area, we tend to attract so many clients & couples from across the globe. I mean who wouldn’t want to get married in a tropical place? Or on a white sandy beach? But does your wedding have to have a large guest attendance to be awesome? Our answer is a resounding.. NO!

Truth be told, smaller weddings are better in so many ways. Many times we see large weddings that are just lacking in the whole experience. Usually when you are spending the majority of your budget to feed & accommodate a large group of guests you have much less to actually create your “dream” wedding. Smaller weddings, or “micro weddings” tend to leave much more budget to focus on the important things you really want to have. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the flowers you really wanted, and not something you had to order online? Or food other than chicken, pasta & mashed potatoes? What if you were able to have those amazing centerpieces designed by a florist that you found on Pinterest? Or that sushi bar & lobster station you dreamed about? Well with a “micro wedding” this can be possible for those on a specific budget. Bottom line is the “micro-wedding” is much less stressful, and much more fulfilling!

What does it mean for us as entertainment & lighting specialists? Not much changes! We are still providing that amazing atmosphere you wanted, and a killer soundtrack to go with it. Truth be told, the smallest wedding we have done to date was for 17 people. 17 people! And it was just as awesome as a wedding for 170 people. In fact, in our experience the small Micro Weddings in SWFL are the most fun!

Why do we bring this up now? Let’s be real for a second. Things have changed recently, and we need to evolve together. Our most popular question with our current and new couples is “we have to limit our wedding to around 30-40 guests, how are smaller weddings in your opinion?”. I hope this blog can express our opinion about the “micro-wedding” and help many feel confident going forward.

Here is one of the many recent weddings we were part of that had under 50 guests. We will be posting these as inspiration for those looking to downsize their weddings, or plan one in the future.

JW Marriott Marco Island Wedding DJ | Tim + Amber from MSEPRODJ on Vimeo.

Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor – Dominick

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