Event Enhancements

Ambient Uplighting

Next level uplighting options to fit any size event. Advanced features and high quality lighting will transform your space into something truly amazing.

monograms, wedding initials, lighting

Project a name, initial, company branding or whatever you can imagine. High powered fixtures deliver a crisp & eye catching images.

pin spot and color washing
Pin Spot & Color Wash

Accent centerpieces, wedding cakes, bar tops or anything you can think of. Or wash a room in a color. At MSE we have you covered in light.

video multimedia
Video & Multi-Media

TV’s mounted on professional trussing & stands for your multi-media needs. Leave the tacky projector screens behind and keep it looking modern with 60” flat screens.

snow effect
Make It Snow

We may be in sunny Florida, but we can still make it snow. Artificial soapy foam resembles falling snow, and with the right lighting is an amazing enhancement.

custom audio
Custom Audio

Create tear jerking moments for your first dance, or a dance with a loved one. Or let us create a custom voiceover for your event. We have a full studio to make some amazing content.

dance floor lighting
Dance Floor Lighting

From basic lighting to advanced moving head technology, we have amazing options to bring life to the dance floor. Designed around your vision and needs.

atmospheric effects
Atmospheric Effects

Create a ceiling of stars, project a moon on the wall, or even make water ripple. With lighting we can do some amazing things.

smile loudly photo booths - mse pro dj
Photo Stations

Click here to see our sister company “Smile Loudly Photo booths”. Available for all events. Custom back drops & step/repeat also available.

CO2 blast
Co2 Blasts

Take grip of our customized Co2 cannon and layer the dance floor with this awesome effect. Great for outdoor events, especially when things are getting heated up.

black light show
Blacklight Show

Turn it up, and take your event to another dimension. High powered UV lights transform things and create a new level of excitement.

dj furniture
DJ Furniture

Unique in our area and only with MSE. Get away from the standard DJ “booth” and add one of our customized wood DJ stations to make your event truly unique. Options available.

cafe lighting
Cafe Lighting

AKA string lighting, bistro lighting. Professional rigging and true natural light bulbs bring soft ambiance to any space, anywhere. Custom quote based on location.

cloud like effects for dance floor
Dancing on the Clouds

Most popular for weddings, dance on a bed of clouds from a dry ice machine. Or use it for a dramatic entrance.

MSE Blended

Joining two or more things together to form a single entity. Experience things like percussionists, strings & electric violinist’s playing in harmony with your DJ.

cold spark effect
Cold Spark Pyro

This safe technology creates an adjustable height “cold spark” for the most dramatic entrances & moments you can imagine. We suggest multiple units for the best effect.

after glow party - wedding
After Glow Party

You’re not ready to stop the party?  Let us provide an additional setup to continue the celebration in another space.

Pattern Projection

Make the ordinary extraordinary. Change a space or surface with our pattern projection options. Endless possibilities!