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Why you shouldn’t care we won an award again this year

We won another award again this year and we think you shouldn’t care about that.  Why you ask?  Well let me tell the story..

Every year it comes in waves as companies for each vendor category on major review sites are revealed as the “Couples Choice”, “Best of” winners” or some other prestigious honor. Yeah we won again, but so did almost everyone else.  How is that?  Well I am not sure but I do know that even the most underdeveloped company that meets the minimum criteria will have that same honor as a company that grinds it all year and is on a totally different level.  It also has something to do with the review sites themselves to create traffic, sales and all kinds of good things for them.. but what message are they really sending here?  What makes this “award” so distinguished?

When I was growing up winning a trophy required you to actually rank in a limited winners circle.  I guess as the world evolves more we try not to offend everyone (or anyone) so now everyone is a winner.  My son played soccer for about four seasons and his team never won much, and they certainly didn’t end up in the winners circle.  But they all got gold trophies!  I personally never got a trophy unless our team succeeded and beat the other team, and I was ok with that.  I think I turned out pretty normal dealing with that let down during my adolescence,  But when we did earn a trophy I knew we were champions.

I would like say we have nothing against these review sites, in fact we use them and are elated to be part of it.  We have a good relationship with most of them, some more than others.  The fact is we live in a world where presence is everything so I get it why any major brand would want exposure.  The downside is sometimes the message gets lost in the translation.  In this particular instance an award to acknowledge excellence is given out way too much without a really high standard of how to earn it.  Let’s be honest, if you were shopping for a vendor to provide a service for your once in a lifetime celebration wouldn’t you be attracted to the fact a company has “the badge”?  This is where it gets tricky and where the consumer has to really do some homework to understand what sets company A apart from company B.  In the end you have to know what makes that company so awesome that they deserve that recognition.  So here are some ways to come to that conclusion..

It doesn’t take reviews or popularity to be at the top of the list.  The fact is the more a company pays for a review site listing the higher on the list they will be featured (on most review sites).  Higher tier recognition comes with a price.  It all depends on the company and what their ROI is for them, but don’t be sucked into the first company that pops out at you with the extra pictures & graphics.  Take the time to scroll through even the ones that are towards the end can sometimes be worth checking out.  It just takes time to weed out the garbage and find the champions.

So what should you look for?  Well I am a consumer just like everyone else.  The first things I look for are real reviews, and I also look for negative reviews.  If you find there are more than a few negative reviews maybe you should be more cautious.  Not everyone that writes reviews has the same critical eye you might have, so look for comments that you can appreciate.  Recently I was shopping for a custom furniture builder.  I was torn between two reputable companies that both had great reviews.  In the end I went with the company that had more recent & relevant examples of work.  I can’t stress it enough CONTENT IS KING especially in the private event industry.  When you are looking for the next DJ & production company for your dream wedding wouldn’t you want to see tons of content that shared the three R’s quality?  Relevant, Real & Recent.  Relevant being it wasn’t just a slew of re-posted articles about random wedding stuff.  You want content that is relevant to the service they offer, the proof is in the pudding.  Real is just as important.  Are you hearing live audio?  Or is it visual content over an audio bed only?  Are you seeing pictures of the florists work, or some random Pinterest favorites of theirs?  Putting it all out there with nothing to hide is a trait I look for as a consumer, I personally don’t want to see it sugar coated.  And Recent.  Who want’s to see stale content?  Not me.  Up to date content shows me consistency and that means a well oiled machine.

In the end always let the company you are considering tell the story of what makes them the best choice.  While we think you shouldn’t care we won another batch of awards this year that doesn’t mean we didn’t work hard for it.  There are some awesome companies out there ready to ROCK your event and have worked hard to prove it over and over again.  I implore you to take the time and look at what is behind the badge.  You got this!

- Dominick B

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