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About MSE

MSE is the first class approach to modern and trendy entertainment. Our goal has, and will always be to break the mold of the typical stereotyped DJ. We are not the company that will force upon your guests cheesy line dances or use props to engage the audience. We are not intrusive on the microphone and we keep DJ “chatter” to a minimum to be sure not to steal the spotlight (or be annoying). Our style takes a completely modern approach using an extensive knowledge in all music formats along with appropriate event host skills to move a dance floor. Our music library is constantly updated with the latest tracks encompassing not just standard top 40, but also remixes and various ethnic varieties. We offer cutting edge technology and decor style setups to compliment the finest celebrations. While keeping within your budget we can provide ambiance, special effects, production and multi-media to make your event truly stand out. With the combination of polished entertainment and the highest level of customer service our events are far from ordinary.

At MSE we believe you deserve more than typical, that is why we take the time and effort to walk though each and every detail of your celebration to assure perfection.  You will deal directly with the DJ whom is responsible for your celebration, there is no middle person involved. Since over 90% of our clients come from all over the world, we are well versed planning through electronic communications. MSE provides all the tools you need to organize your entertainment agenda so nothing will be left out.

At MSE this is our full time job, not something we do on the side. No subcontracted entertainment, bedroom DJ’s, bar performers or musicians that play music from an iPod.. only a true hands on well seasoned professional. We live for this industry every day, and it is truly what we love to do. Our talent goes far beyond just pushing a play button or letting a computer do the work, we know how to read a crowd and how to use music to create emotion. There is a reason why the dance floor is always packed with MSE, and talent is the reason why.

MSE is not afraid to show our ability to run a first class event, that is why we constantly update our social media with pictures, videos, and reviews to show you just what to expect from us. Take some time and go through our videos, read our blogs and follow us in the social world — all to prove that there is no better choice when it comes to DJ entertainment.