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How It Works

It can be overwhelming selecting the right entertainment for your event, that is why MSE makes it all easy and stress free with the following steps:

Step One: Reaching Out
After finalizing your wedding date, contact MSE at (239) 821-2929 or through email. Please keep in mind we choose to only provide entertainment for one event per calender day, and we book 2-3 years in advance. It is best to contact us early in the process to check availability. Once we connect, we cover all the major aspects of your event including what MSE can offer based on your budget and vision. This a great time to ask questions and learn who we are, so please be sure to write down your inquiries. After we organize a preliminary service quote, you have the option to reserve your date immediately or continue researching. Due to the fact we don’t book multi events, our availability is first come first serve. We do however offer a 10-day period (if event date is over 4 months away) where we can contact you should the date be in jeopardy to give you first opportunity. We can meet with you in the Southwest Florida area personally, or for out of town clients we offer electronic communication though various methods including email and Skype.

Step Two: Booking the Date
Once you have made your decision to move forward, we will require a minimum deposit of 20% or $300 (whichever is greater) to secure your date. You will also be given the tools you need to start organizing your celebration including access to our online planning system.

Step Three: Down Time
Depending on how far out your celebration is, there will be some extent of down time. Since most of our clients travel from across the globe, we tend to book pretty far in advance. There are not that many details we can organize too far in advance, if we did it could cause too many changes confusing matters. Our goal again, is to make this as stress free as possible for our clients. The planning tools we give you will allow you to work on things along the way and fill in some blanks. Of course during the down this time you may have questions so feel free to just reach out anytime, we are always here to help.

Step Four: Event Review
Usually about one month prior to your event, we like to touch base and start to organize details. This can involve more than just announcements and music depending on your celebration. We can also go over lighting and other media that was contracted. At one month prior we look to have all the forms completed to be reviewed and finalized. We will also go over final balance payment options at this point and touch on last minute enhancements that are still available should you be interested.

Step Five: Final Check In
About a week before we will contact you to be sure there are no other changes or adjustments made to the entertainment agenda. We also reach out to your venue and other vendors to confirm details.

Step Six: Event Day
This day is the culmination of everything we have worked on, all the planning and preparation. It’s now time for you to enjoy yourself and appreciate all the hard work that has paid off.