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Wedding with MSE at the Island Country Club

Sometimes in this business, you really get to appreciate what family is all about. That was the case for Glenn & Adrian’s wedding at the Island Country Club in Marco Island. Such a nice family, everyone just clicked and made for a great time. MSE was there to provide the dinner reception entertainment and ambiance. Since this is so close to Christmas, red was the color for the up lighting. The room was decorated beautifully with tall red stem rose centerpieces and ice sculptures. The food display was to die for, with everything from sushi to pasta stations and a dessert station the seemed to never end. The groom himself was the military, and had a special made black hawk chopper cake. A good mix of music was played that night, everything from classic rock to current top 40. There was no mistaking it was time to party after dinner, our up lighting system was programmed to change colors with the music. A special 3 step father daughter dance, and an emotional mother son dance were responsible for some tears of joy but overall there were big smiles and happy feet the whole night. DJ & Event host Dominick and MSE would like to thank Glenn & Adrian for allowing us to be a huge part of this stellar celebration.

Some songs chosen by the bride & groom were:

Introduction: “The throne room”- Star Wars soundtrack
First dance: “Faithfully”- Journey
Cake: “What makes you beautiful”- Piano Guys
Bride & Father: “Ace in the hole”- George Straight
Groom & Mother: “The man you have become”- Molly Pasutti