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The party that couldn’t be stopped at the Naples Sailing & Yacht Club with MSE Wedding DJ’s

Here was a day that we will always remember, in fact it keeps coming up in conversation all the time. Lindsey & Buddy are our amazing couple from this blog, and what an experience we all shared!  It all started at the Seagate Beach house in Naples where MSE was present to provide the soundtrack and amplification for the ceremony.  This off site location was beautiful, with the Gulf in the background.  The day started off with less than friendly weather, and thankfully Lindsey & Buddy were prepared.  In fact, they had put up a large tent at the ceremony site for any unforseen weather changes and it couldn’t have been needed more. It was pouring buckets, and yet everyone managed to arrive mostly wet for this momentous occasion.  MSE went above and beyond as usual with the weather, loading in under heavy rain and setting up just on the edge of shelter. Everything was fine, then the rain picked up.. like really picked up.  The tent was lifting, and the rain came in sideways behind the front row.  The bridal party and most of the first 4 rows looked like the just saw Shamu at sea world, and the officiate could be spotted leaving after wearing a suit that had resembled a wet sponge. But the reason for this story, is not one drop of rain ruined this wedding.  Everyone laughed and helped each other, and Lindsey & Buddy got to say their I do’s.  MSE recorded the audio from this great moment in time, and listening to it we realized we are part of something much greater than just being a vendor or providing entertainment, we are directly responsible for working with everyone to make a once in a lifetime affair take place.  The party you ask?  Well, it was far from ordinary.  Guests arrived ready and pumped to dry off and have a good time.  The dance floor was packed the whole night, and DJ Dominick rocked this wedding to another level.  We also provided our signature up lighting system, washing the room in a blue color.  MSE would like to thank Lindsey & Buddy for letting us be part of this memorable day, would could not have thought of a better way to spend it.

Some of the songs chosen by the Bride & Groom were:

Introduction: “Can’t hold us”- Macklemore
First Dance: “Into the mystic”- Van Morrison
Cake cutting: “When I’m 64″- Beatles
Bride & Father: “The wedding song”- Paul Stookey
Groom & Mother: “What a wonderful world”- Louie Armstrong
Bouquet toss: “Single ladies”- Beyonce