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Spring Run Golf Club, Bonita Springs | Wedding with MSE DJ’s & lighting

On June 27th, 2015 we had the honor to rock with Drew & Hilary for their once in a lifetime celebration at Spring Run Golf Club.  This was our first time at this venue, and we are looking forward to working here again.  The in-house staff was great and accommodating, and everything ran as smooth as silk.  Some of the technology we had that night included wireless speakers & color controlled up lighting placed throughout the room.  We also worked with Emma Burdis Photography, who is always a pleasure to be in attendance with. Drew & Hilary called out an extensive soundtrack for this wedding, including traditional Greek music.  The mix was from one extreme to another, and not a beat was missed on the dance floor.  Plenty of traditional Greek dancing made this wedding look like one big family getting together, nobody was left on the side lines while everybody shuffled their feet to the traditional music.  To note, the dessert table was outrageous. Family members made everything by hand, and let’s just say it was an amazing presentation.  Drew & Hilary were such a nice couple to work with, and we would like to thank you for the opportunity.  If you are having a wedding at this venue, please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about what we do.  We can be reached at 239-821-2929, or by email info@mseprodj.com.  You can also follow us socially with the hashtag #mseprodj & #mseweddings.  Be sure to check out our highlight video below!

Here are some of the songs chosen by the bride & groom:

Introduction: “Marry You”- Bruno Mars
First Dance: “A thousand years Part 2″- Christina Perri
Bride & Father dance: “Your song”- Elton John
Groom & Mother dance: “Because you loved me”- Celine Dion









Spring Run Golf Club | Wedding with MSE DJ’s & Production from MSEPRODJ on Vimeo.

Spring Run Golf Club | Wedding with MSE DJ’s & Production