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Ritz Carlton Naples Wedding DJ Dominick from MSE Rocks the Beach House

When we took the call from Anna, it was clear what she expected. Not your typical DJ that will play the chicken dance, not even your cool DJ that might be trendy. No, she wanted a DJ that could not only entertain the everyday masses but who understood the far side of music not too often brought into the wedding celebration. When genres like EDM, downtempo & freestyle come up you need to be able to commit to making it happen. For Anna & Larry, it was to take place at the prestigious Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida on May 26th 2013. DJ Dominick was honored to rock this event, and reach into his roots as a club DJ and remixer. The crowd mostly hailed from New York, Dominick’s home town so he knew this was gonna be an over the top party. They chose the beach club at the Ritz, a two story Key West styled clubhouse. Downstairs Dominick provided some downtempo lounge music for the cocktail hour such as Kasabian, Asia Lounge & Theivery Corporation. Upstairs was set for dinner, toasts & cake. We had a small sound system up there to accomdate dinner music & announcements. Downstairs was being transformed during dinner into a cool nightclub/lounge atmostphere. The music change while guests arrived included top 40 from Rihanna & Michael Jackson and moved into some more popular house music by artists such as Tiesto, Zedd and Sweedish House Mafia. The night ended with some old school music sets including House of Pain & Rob Base. It was one of those parties you just never wanted to end, and Dominck was elated to part of this epic celebration.  It’s nice to do cool things for cool people.  Speaking of cool, we also got to work with Iheart Films, legendary videographers.

Some of the songs chosen were:

Introduction- “Unspeakable Joy” Kim English
First Dance- “Bless the Broken Road” Rascal Flatts
Cake- “Everything” Michael Buble
Bride & Mother- “My Child” Barry Manilow
Groom & Mother- “It happens in a Heartbeat” Teresa James