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Packed dance floors is what we do.. Check out this wedding with MSE DJ’s

Keeping a dance floor packed is not an easy task, and MSE does it every time.  How?  It’s all about experience and understanding people.  At MSE, we have been rocking dance floors for years and there is no secret that we enjoy throwing some of the best parties.  Here is another great wedding for you to check out, and see for yourself.  Maybe you don’t live close by?  Well here is a front row seat to experience one of our events, and maybe get some ideas for your own.  The music for each event is different, no playlist or repeat sets are used by MSE.  Why?  There are so many factors that determine what will work for each event in regards to the soundtrack.. Age, ethnicity, family background, hometown, day of the week.. just to name some of the factors to take into consideration.  Understanding your client goes way beyond knowing their name, you sometimes really need to dig deeper and find out what will move them.  It might not be obvious, but MSE is always watching and planning our next song to be better than the last.

Some great production went into this event.  MSE was there to provide our computer controlled up lighting & intellgent lighting, along with our custom one of a kind white plush DJ booth to match the decor.  Derek & Megan had a great time along with all their family & friends, and so can you.  Contact MSE today to start building your dream event!

Mobile Sound Entertainment Wedding DJ | Marco Marriott “Palms Ballroom” | Custom lighting & DJ Booth from MSEPRODJ on Vimeo.