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Naples Beach Hotel Wedding | Dominick from MSE DJ’s

If the word awesomesauce would apply to a wedding, it would be this one.  On December 7th, DJ Dominick & the crew at MSE had the privilege to rock the wedding for Joanna & Jimmy at the Naples Beach Hotel. When we first we met Joanna, she didn’t want your typical DJ.  She was looking for something that would stand out, a DJ with not only the ability to bring in music you don’t typically hear at a wedding, but who also had the ability to make it work and mix together seamlessly.  Joanna saw us at a wedding years ago (I mean years like 4-5) and saved our information all this time waiting for her special day to come.  Needless to say, we connected with her and were able to culminate the perfect party.  MSE not only provided the original (never duplicated) soundtrack, but also our color controlled up lighting & intelligent lighting.  We also had 4 speakers in 4 corners of the room connected with wireless technology, along with our wireless lighting to make sure there were no wires ran all over the room.  The Everglades room requires a little bit more than just 2 speakers and a light on a pole, so MSE stepped up and made both the sound & lighting amazing.  You can see by the pictures and our v-log below that our couple chose a light purple color which accented the room perfectly, along with our sharp images projected on the ceiling from the intelligent lighting.  The bridal party walked into a spotlight entrance, following into a beautiful first dance.  The introduction was high energy and went off without a hiccup, and the moment we opened the dance floor the party went into overdrive.  Joanna & Jimmy wanted to keep it upbeat “Power 96″ style, so the music spanned many genres while never missing a beat.  We also enjoyed working with Delight Media & Carrie Hartman at the beach club :)

Some of the songs chosen by the bride & groom were:

Intro: “Give me Everything”-Pitbull, “I need your love”- Calvin Harris
First Dance: “I’ll be”- Edwin McCain (acoustic version)
Cake: “Best friend”- Harry Nilson
Bride & father: “Joanna”- Kool & the Gang
Groom & mother: “Hello”- Lionel Richie
Bouquet toss: “Girl’s wanna have fun”- Cyndi Lauper
Garter removal: “Let’s get it on”- Marvin Gaye
Garter toss: “Another one bites the dust”- Queen
Garter replacement: “Pony”- Genuwine
Last Dance: “I’ve had the time of my life”- Dirty Dancing soundtrack

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