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MSE’s own DJ Dommy B | Mix series

Check out the latest series of mixes from MSE’s own DJ Dommy B (DJ Dominick).  Included in these recent releases are 3 unique mixes.  The “Sexy N’ Chill mix” features soulful downtempo beats with a sexy flair.  His recent “EDM” mix keeps it above 126 BPM’s (that’s beats per minute for you amateurs out there) and is a great addition to your cardio or gym workout.  And finally recorded “live” from a recent after hours party from a private event, take a ride on a open format & high energy remix session.  As requested from our client, this after hours party was far from ordinary.. along with an insane group of guests having the time of their lives.  If you would like to explore the idea of a “far from ordinary” soundtrack for your next upcoming event or celebration.. we are all ears.  Be sure to follow us on Mixcloud.  DJ Dommy B with MSE is available for all night life events locally & nationally based on availability, but chooses not to hold permanent residencies any more.  Please inquire by emailing us info@mseprodj.com

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