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MSE DJ’s Jimmy B

DJ Jimmy B is a music mixer, DJ & Emcee for Mobile Sound Entertainment.  Jimmy’s experience has stemmed all the way back to his childhood where he began to learn from masters of the craft.  Over the years he has hosted some of the most amazing events, and packed dance floors at all kinds of venues.  He embraces a new school/modern approach to DJ entertainment, while holding the old school roots of music mixing he believes is important for showing the true ability of a DJ.  He brings a style completely his own to each event or celebration and carries the same values MSE is known for.. providing next level entertainment without the cheese.  His vast music knowledge and experience in many areas of the entertainment & hospitality industry is brought to each and every event he hosts.  Creating epic memories is what he lives for, and he embraces technology to bring the latest & greatest experience every time. Jimmy’s hobbies include music, fitness, cars & spending time with his family.  If you are interested in having Jimmy at your next event or celebration, reach out to MSE via email info@mseprodj.com or call us at 239-821-2929.

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Here are some V-logs of recent events DJ Jimmy B had the honor to be part of

MSE’s DJ Jimmy B | Marco Island Marriott & Pelicans Nest Weddings from MSEPRODJ on Vimeo.

MSE’s DJ Jimmy B | 2016 Promo video from MSEPRODJ on Vimeo.