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The Vines at Estero Country Club | MSE DJs | Frank & Marianna

Check out his amazing wedding at “The Vines” at Estero Country Club, in Florida.  MSE was there to provide the setting for the perfect celebration.  Some of our production included computer controlled up lighting, intelligent dance floor lighting, color washing, dancing on the clouds, custom monogram projection & our white plush DJ booth.  And let’s not forget a full sound→  Read Post


MSE’s own DJ Dommy B | Mix series

Check out the latest series of mixes from MSE’s own DJ Dommy B (DJ Dominick).  Included in these recent releases are 3 unique mixes.  The “Sexy N’ Chill mix” features soulful downtempo beats with a sexy flair.  His recent “EDM” mix keeps it above 126 BPM’s (that’s beats per minute for you amateurs out there) and is a great addition→  Read Post