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FREE music! MSE’s own DJ mix station..

Want to listen to some real DJ mixes, for FREE?  Well check out MSE’s Mixcloud page for the latest & greatest.  Great for the car, gym or however you listen to your music!  All of our mixes are “night life” based, so not what you would typically hear at a traditional private event.  If you like what you hear and→  Read Post


MSE mixes on Mixcloud | DJ Dommy B

Check out some of the latest mixes from the MSE studios, with DJ Dominick “Dommy B”.  Great for the car, gym or whatever your need to get pumped of for.  Most of the tracks on our mixes are night life based music, not not your typical Top 40 you might hear at most private events.  Occasional profanity does exist, so→  Read Post


MSE event DJ | Dominick Buonantuono | Bio & links

Dominick Buonantuono is one of Southwest Florida’s most innovative & fresh artists when it comes to DJ and event hosting. His style not only breaks the mold of the average DJ, but has earned him a reward winning reputation that can’t be imitated. As a multi-talented artist his background includes but not limited to: production design, remixer, producer, radio DJ,→  Read Post


The Vines at Estero Country Club | MSE DJs | Frank & Marianna

Check out his amazing wedding at “The Vines” at Estero Country Club, in Florida.  MSE was there to provide the setting for the perfect celebration.  Some of our production included computer controlled up lighting, intelligent dance floor lighting, color washing, dancing on the clouds, custom monogram projection & our white plush DJ booth.  And let’s not forget a full sound→  Read Post


MSE DJ’s Jimmy B

DJ Jimmy B is a music mixer, DJ & Emcee for Mobile Sound Entertainment.  Jimmy’s experience has stemmed all the way back to his childhood where he began to learn from masters of the craft.  Over the years he has hosted some of the most amazing events, and packed dance floors at all kinds of venues.  He embraces a new→  Read Post


Rocking H Ranch Wedding | MSE DJ’s & Production

It was our first time at the Rocking H Ranch near Lakeland Florida, and what a beautiful property.  Angela & Marty Higgenbotham from the ranch were very accommodating, and have an amazing home.  We also worked with Confetti Events, Current Films & Sunglow Photography to name a few vendors.  Everything went seamlessly, and it ended up being such an awesome→  Read Post


MSE’s own DJ Dommy B | Mix series

Check out the latest series of mixes from MSE’s own DJ Dommy B (DJ Dominick).  Included in these recent releases are 3 unique mixes.  The “Sexy N’ Chill mix” features soulful downtempo beats with a sexy flair.  His recent “EDM” mix keeps it above 126 BPM’s (that’s beats per minute for you amateurs out there) and is a great addition→  Read Post


“Summer 2015″ Mix series | MSE’s DJ Dominick

Back at it again is MSE’s own DJ Dommy B (DJ Dominick, dJb) with another addition to our upbeat mix catalogue.  Programmed and mixed by hand, take a journey with this summers night life anthems and throwbacks.  The music you hear on our Mixcloud page is not what is typically played at our private events, these are focused on Nightlife→  Read Post